Workshop and Gallery

I have been in the new location since last April, but I am finally getting to the stuff that I have been wanting to do…….Fixing up the FPD “Custom Design Gallery” and getting the workshop set up exactly the way I need it to function more efficiently. I “HATE” when things are cluttered and a mess. My brain just cannot process in that environment….lol….yet I seem to have CHAOS always following me very closely. So when I can be one step ahead of the CHAOS, it feels AWESOME!!!!!!!

So I am a firm believer that we should live our lives in COLOR and always have CHOICES. Hence, this is the reason I have chosen to focus on exactly THAT concept in my “Custom Design Gallery” here in Toms River, NJ.  No matter what your decorating style, it should reflect your personality. So decorate with items that make you feel good. Don’t just decorate with something because it is trendy, HELL NO, but decorate with what appeals to your SOUL. Your home is your sanctuary and you should LOVE it!

Focal Point Designs is proud to offer our customers “CHOICES” when it comes to refinishing their furniture exactly the way they like. Schedule a FREE Consultation with us in our “Custom Design Gallery”.